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by Michael de Freitas

Khonzi was appointed in 2020 to serve her practical vocational training.

Since joining the RN Inc Family Khonzi has expressed a great deal of interest in standard contracts and construction management projects.

Khonzi has an innate ability to remain resiliently focused and has already proven to thrive in tense and tight deadlines. Khonzi will happily endure any challenge set before her, she will only require two necessities namely worship music blasting through her headphones to show everyone that she is focused and a reservation at some sort of luxury Spa close by.

Khonzi expresses a genuine love for people and that reflects evidently in her work. Whether you find Khonzi running in the Pretoria CBD with her favourite pair of high heels or at the Michael Angelo Towers sipping on orange juice, she will reach out to you with profound empathy and reconciliation in her heart. (Gal 5:22)