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By Johan van der Wath

Nomsa Chauke is employed as the Personal Assistant to Roelf Nel.

She has been employed at the firm since the inception of the firm and has assisted Roelf in various litigation, adjudication and arbitration disputes.

Nomsa is hardworking and will lend a hand when assistance is required in the office.

If you need to get a task done, you can count on Nomsa to complete the task diligently and efficiently.

She is eager to learn new skills and will accept a new instruction with enthusiasm.

The legal profession is mostly serious, but Nomsa can cheer up her colleagues by being ready with a joke.

Nomsa is seen as the office mother, as she is friendly and caring towards her colleagues.

When Nomsa is not at the office she can be found at home being a mother to her daughters or at church where se spends most of her weekend.