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by Khonzinkosi Zondi

It’s Monday morning at RN Incorporated, a very bright and early morning, Michael De Freitas steps into the office, rocking a slick suit and of course with a spring his step. Michael does the moonwalk and twirl while enquiring “are we ready for an awesome week or are we ready for an awesome week?”.

Michael De Freitas is a first-year candidate attorney in the firm, Michael holds a Bachelor of commerce in law degree, from the IIE Varsity College in Pretoria as well as an LLB degree which he obtained from the University of Pretoria. As a recent graduate from the University of Pretoria, Michael knew that his next journey of life would entail his completion of his articles of clerkship, which ushered his inception with the fantastic RN Incorporated team. Michael often expresses how he feels so fortunate to be surrounded by a team, at RN Incorporated which is so vibrant and motivated. This however comes as no surprise as Michael has one of the best personalities as a vibrant and zealous individual.

Michael is of Portuguese descent with his family originating from Madeira. He is very proud of his heritage and as Portuguese dancer, rarely misses the opportunity to show off his moves and tell tales of his origin to anyone who cares to listen of his very colorful stories. Michael’s general approach in life, is one which is free of gravamen, and filled with loads of positivity and encouragement. When Michael isn’t found at his station ensuring to execute his next task with great care and precision, he can be found tag teaming with Nomsa Chauke, on the next comical adventure as they fill the office with their whimsical, lighthearted and much appreciated banter, which is sure to make the day an even brighter one.

Michael as a passionate and endearing man, also finds great pleasure in equipping himself with different knowledge and skills. There is no doubt in anyone’s mind of the success that Michael is to become both in his career and personal life. Michael is a perfect addition to the firm, and we cannot wait to experience Michael’s next quest to greatness.