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As a firm we recently decided that we will start a blog.

The first topic was to introduce the members of our team to you, our readers.


Johan Van Der Wath

by Roelf Nel

I was given the honour of blogging about Johan van der Wath.

Johan  has been an associate with the firm since 2017. Born and raised in Pretoria, Johan joined us from a firm situated in the town of Heilbron in the Free State.

What Johan’s motivation was to practice law in Heilbron will probably never make sense to me…

Having the privilege of getting to know Johan these last 2 years I think his inquisitive mind probably really enjoyed practising law in Heilbron where an attorney is expected to know a little about everything and where he gained extensive 1st hand litigation experience as well as employment law, insolvency and civil litigation experience.

Johan enjoys reading case law and the uniform rules of court, because someone has to, and at this firm that someone is Johan.

Joking aside, years of reading case law and the uniform rules of court has made Johan an astute and very capable litigation attorney and he deals with the bulk of litigation at the firm.

Johan has developed a keen sense for adjudication, especially under the JBCC contract, and understands the plight of subcontractors in this country better than most.

Johan has represented contractors, subcontractors, consultants and employers in the South African construction sector from tender through to close out and has managed to marry his in-depth knowledge of the construction sector with his passion for the law.

Since joining the firm he has also had the opportunity to present to various industry bodies on topics as diverse as business rescue and the impact of the amended BEE codes for the construction sector.

Johan’s other interests include running, cycling and looking for a wife when he’s not busy preparing for adjudication, arbitration or litigation.

I know he does most of his running and cycling on Saturday mornings but he is fairly secretive about when and where he does his looking for a wife.

My favourite thing about Johan is his honesty and the way he wants to constantly improve as an attorney and a human being.

I has been my privilege introducing Johan to you and I can recommend him wholeheartedly if you need advice in relation to any construction related legal matter.