Roelf Nel Inc FB Pixel

by Danielle Giannico

Jean is the creative associate at RN Inc. RN Inc has recently undergone some changes in how the world sees our brand. Jean has played an instrumental role in designing the new public face of RN Inc. He is also our social media coordinator and is responsible for sending our message out into the world in a meaningful and receptive way.

When it comes to office banter Jean is always quick with a joke or some pearls of wisdom. Jean has a mean sense of style and can usually be spotted in the office looking extremely dapper; either ready for an important meeting or to take over the world. He is a kind and friendly soul who never has a mean word to say.

Jean has an eclectic taste in music, often straying from the current hits. He can usually be found at his desk rocking out just a little bit too loud as he works on his next creative endeavour. Further adding to his bad ass status, Jean is an avid Harley Davidson enthusiast who has the bike, the jacket and the tool set to prove it.