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Arbitration is a dispute resolution method in terms of which an arbitrator is appointed to adjudicate the dispute between the parties.
Most construction and commercial agreements contain a dispute resolution clause in terms of which the dispute must be adjudicated by means of Arbitration. The agreement then changes the default position, being that all disputes is resolved by means of litigation.

Arbitration proceedings can also be agreed upon between the parties if the agreement does not contain a clause in this regard.
The arbitration proceedings usually follow a procedure that is closely related to litigation, in terms of which pleadings are exchanged between the parties and oral evidence is thereafter led before the arbitrator. The arbitrator then makes an award based on the evidence that was presented before him. The arbitrators award is binding and can be enforced in court proceedings.

We have acted for both Claimants and Defendants in numerous arbitration proceedings. We have also acted in applications for the enforcement of arbitration awards.

Our arbitration lawyers will be able to assist you during the arbitration proceedings and with the enforcement of the arbitration award.